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  • We are wholesale direct-from-factory printing company. Hence, all payment must be made upon confirmation of orders. Property Agents are exempted from this. However, all payment must be made in Cash or Cheque upon delivery or 1-2 weeks after delivery. We give 30-day credit terms only to exclusive customers.
  • Prices are non-neg and delivery is FOC until further notice. Free deliveries only applies to customers who have ready recipients to receive the flyers between 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday at your residence, business address etc. Please arrange to self-collect if you do not meet this requirement & you will have a $15 discount off the printing rate.
  • As we are experiencing huge volume of orders on a daily basis, Whatsapp/SMS/Emails are preferred over phone calls as we need to have records of the order details and progress or amendments to order specs etc
  • All designs must only be submitted once. We do not bear the cost of printing wrong designs etc.
  • All artworks sent to us must be done properly and in AI or PDF or Word/PPT/Excel if you do not have any professional designers to assist you.
  • We do simple design amendments such as changing of address or name etc FOC but payment for the flyer printing order must be made
  • Damaged packets will not be replaced unless the flyers are damaged. Damaged packaging happens due to transportation over long periods etc and we seek your understanding on this issue
  • We will do free reprinting of flyers if the mistake is done on our end
  • Speed printing surcharge of $100 applies for orders of 1-2 working days. Day of order and delivery day is not counted.
  • We are a wholesale printing factory. If you wish to see samples, you may email us your mailing address for samples viewings or collect the samples directly outside our factory ( Applicable from April 2018 in our factories in Woodlands )
  • We will usually print 100-1000pc more flyers than you have ordered. Therefore, we will not reprint “defect” flyers, which are very common.
  • If you are calling or emailing to ask for quotations etc, please do not use private numbers. We do not entertain private numbers. Please identify your company name and your background.
  • There is a $50 discount off the printing rate if you come to us or our panel of flyer distributors for distribution. No discount will be given if you have your own flyer distribution company.
  • There is no free delivery to flyer distribution company. You have to inform them to pick up from our warehouse once the flyers are ready