Flyer Printing

Flyer Printing

1pc of A4
297MM(W) x 210MM(H)

1pc of A4 = 2pc of A5
148MM(W) x 210MM(H)

1pc of A4 = 4pc of A6
148MM(W) x 210MM(H)

1pc of A4 = 3pc of DL
99MM(W) x 210MM(H)

A580 gsm105 gsm128 gsm157 gsm260 gsm310 gsm
100 Pcs$55$65$65$75$75$85$85$95$90$100$130$160
300 Pcs$60$70$70$80$80$90$90$100$95$105$135$170
600 Pcs$70$80$75$85$85$95$95$105$100$110$140$180
1,000 Pcs$75$85$80$90$90$100$100$110$110$120$150$190
2,000 Pcs$85$90$90$95$95$105$105$115$120$130$160$200
4,000 Pcs$90$105$100$105$105$115$115$125$145$160$250$260
8,000 Pcs$115$130$130$135$140$145$150$155$220$230$320$350
10,000 Pcs$135$150$140$150$150$160$160$170$270$280$390$430
16,000 Pcs$180$200$190$215$200$230$215$250$390$420$600$650
20,000 Pcs$200$235$210$260$240$260$250$280$500$520$650$750
24,000 Pcs$235$270$240$315$315$345$340$370$580$600$750$900
30,000 Pcs$290$350$300$350$400$420$420$450$700$735$1,000$1,100
32,000 Pcs$305$360$315$365$405$430$430$475$770$800$1,050$1,150
40,000 Pcs$350$405$360$450$450$500$490$550$950$1,000$1,200$1,400
48,000 Pcs$400$485$425$530$535$585$560$595$1,100$1,180$1,400$1,650
50,000 Pcs$410$525$450$550$550$600$570$620$1,150$1,200$1,600$1,700
56,000 Pcs$475$530$595$615$610$670$650$690$1,300$1,350$1,750$1,900
60,000 Pcs$500$560$620$650$650$700$690$730$1,400$1,450$1,800$2,000
A480 gsm105 gsm128 gsm157 gsm260 gsm310 gsm
100 Pcs$60$70$70$80$80$90$90$100$110$140$130$160
300 Pcs$70$75$80$85$90$95$100$105$120$150$140$170
500 Pcs$75$85$85$90$95$100$105$110$130$160$150$180
1,000 Pcs$80$90$90$95$100$105$110$115$140$170$160$200
2,000 Pcs$85$100$95$105$105$115$115$120$160$190$175$215
4,000 Pcs$105$120$110$120$130$145$145$155$280$310$340$390
5,000 Pcs$120$140$130$140$150$165$165$175$300$330$380$420
8,000 Pcs$160$190$170$195$195$215$220$240$420$480$600$650
10,000 Pcs$195$220$210$235$230$275$260$280$510$580$630$730
12,000 Pcs$215$240$245$260$265$295$300$330$580$605$740$850
15,000 Pcs$260$290$250$300$320$390$360$400$720$750$900$1,000
16,000 Pcs$265$305$280$320$340$400$380$420$800$880$950$1,040
20,000 Pcs$310$380$350$400$370$430$420$460$1,000$1,100$1,150$1,250
24,000 Pcs$385$435$385$530$435$480$510$560$1,150$1,280$1,350$1,570
25,000 Pcs$400$450$400$550$450$550$535$585$1,180$1,300$1,400$1,635
28,000 Pcs$425$475$435$575$505$580$600$650$1,300$1,430$1,540$1,830
30,000 Pcs$450$505$450$580$530$600$620$680$1,400$1,550$1,750$1,950
32,000 Pcs$465$535$475$595$600$640$670$720$1,470$1,640$1,800$1,965
35,000 Pcs$505$585$550$600$630$700$740$780$1,580$1,750$1,900$2,145
36,000 Pcs$520$600$585$615$650$730$750$800$1,600$1,800$1,920$2,205
40,000 Pcs$575$650$650$750$710$800$810$860$1,900$2,040$2,150$2,450
44,000 Pcs$630$710$685$785$780$880$900$1,000$1,905$2,050$2,580$2,760
45,000 Pcs$640$725$700$800$800$900$910$1,010$1,950$2,065$2,630$2,820
48,000 Pcs$675$770$720$820$825$950$1,000$1,080$2,080$2,200$2,800$3,000
50,000 Pcs$700$800$750$850$930$980$1,050$1,150$2,200$2,350$3,000$3,200
60,000 Pcs$830$950$900$1,000$1,050$1,180$1,200$1,300$2,800$2,950$3,500$3,700
A680 gsm105 gsm128 gsm157 gsm260 gsm310 gsm
100 Pcs$40$50$50$60$60$70$70$80$80$90$125$170
300 Pcs$45$55$55$65$65$75$75$85$90$100$130$180
500 Pcs$50$60$60$70$70$80$80$90$100$110$135$190
1,200 Pcs$55$65$65$75$75$85$95$105$105$115$140$200
2,000 Pcs$60$70$70$80$80$90$90$100$110$120$145$210
4,000 Pcs$70$80$80$90$90$100$100$110$130$140$155$230
8,000 Pcs$90$100$100$110$110$120$120$130$170$180$200$295
10,000 Pcs$100$110$110$120$120$130$130$140$190$200$250$370
16,000 Pcs$135$155$145$165$150$170$160$180$230$260$385$425
20,000 Pcs$160$170$170$180$180$190$190$200$250$300$450$500
32,000 Pcs$215$245$225$265$270$295$280$300$380$460$585$635
40,000 Pcs$250$290$260$300$310$340$320$350$450$500$700$800
48,000 Pcs$280$330$295$340$330$375$340$385$540$630$850$950
60,000 Pcs$380$430$385$435$390$440$400$450$700$900$1,000$1,100
DL80 gsm105 gsm128 gsm157 gsm260 gsm310 gsm
100 Pcs$50$60$60$70$70$80$80$90$90$100$170$180
300 Pcs$55$65$65$75$75$85$85$95$100$110$190$200
500 Pcs$60$70$70$80$80$90$90$100$110$120$200$210
900 Pcs$65$75$75$85$85$95$95$105$115$125$210$220
1,500 Pcs$70$80$80$90$90$100$100$110$120$130$230$240
3,000 Pcs$75$85$85$95$95$105$105$115$130$140$290$300
6,000 Pcs$90$100$100$110$110$120$120$130$165$185$340$350
12,000 Pcs$155$175$150$170$160$180$175$190$260$330$450$460
15,000 Pcs$170$190$180$200$190$230$200$250$300$350$490$540
24,000 Pcs$220$260$230$270$240$280$255$285$400$450$900$950
30,000 Pcs$270$320$280$330$290$350$300$360$480$530$990$1,090
36,000 Pcs$280$370$290$380$305$405$325$380$550$630$1,180$1,300
45,000 Pcs$320$400$340$430$390$490$400$500$750$850$1,500$1,650
48,000 Pcs$325$425$345$440$395$495$430$520$800$900$1,550$1,700
60,000 Pcs$530$590$540$600$540$640$550$650$1000$1,100$1,790$1,990

Flyer Printing

Flyer Printing, Wholesaler to 100+ Printing Shops and Design Houses in Singapore. We specialize in providing one of the best cheap flyers, brochure, postcard printing services in Singapore with speed and quality in Printing Services industry.

We have immense experience when it comes to printing services, especially flyer printing and distributing flyers in Singapore.

To make a strong impression on potential customers or to draw people’s attention to your products & services, the use of advertising by using flyer printing and flyer distribution plays an essential role in this. We work out according to the needs and requirements and help you attract interest across the city to empowering of business owner to power up sales.

Our company aims to print flyers, brochures, postcard and distribute across Singapore and help business owners market themselves professionally. The printing of flyer and distributing of flyers are one of the most convenient ways to get the word out about your business for your products and services. Fastest speed for flyer printing and brochure printing service Singapore should it is an important requirement, and you need last minute flyers, brochures, postcard, just give us a call, WhatsApp and we will be there for you.

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Our 24 Hours Printing Services is one of the Fastest and Cheapest Flyer Printing Singapore. Our fast speed flyer printing, SG brochure printing is recognized by several companies because we have ensured 100% customer satisfaction with our quality and services and the requirements of our customers are exactly where our focus lies. Diverse variety selection in flyer printing and brochure printing or postcard printing. No matter what your requirements are, we print flyers, brochures, postcards exactly according to them. SG printing and the distribution of the various types of flyers, brochures, postcard are carried out by us for all printing services in Singapore.

We provide less than 24 hours printing services known as urgent flyer printing, rush printing is one of the best express flyer printing in Singapore. It is included A6 Flyer Printing, A4 printing services, Singapore A5 flyer printing services, and more. We have immense experience in commercial flyer printing in Singapore. Single-sided Full Colour Printing ( 4C x 0C ) or double-sided flyer printing ( 4C x 4C ) in Singapore, we do both with incredible competition at the lowest possible prices.

The printing services prices always depending upon what type of requirement for cheap flyer printing services will you be getting done from us. The types of paper material, the number of sides printed in full colour and the number of copies flyers you are getting printed, all play an important role in determining the price that you will be paying. Cheapest Flyers Printing In Singapore.

We also provide Print Custom Stickers & Labels Online Singapore. Large range of sticker paper material.

Sticker printing, cheap custom stickers in mirrorkote, simili, transparent, waterproof cum tearproof, PVC etc. Also, can be used for so many different purposes and occasion.

Get instant sticker printing quotes from us as we offer the fastest custom label printing with the best price guaranteed!

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